What to Expect in a Mastermind Group

Do you ever wish you had someone provide that extra push you need to overcome your toughest business challenges? Every business owner has had issues they dread facing and goals they may struggle to reach. It’s easy to stick your head in the sand and push through daily obstacles without ever holding yourself accountable. However, this approach won’t move your business forward. Our unique mastermind group presents small business owners a caring and safe space to make positive changes possible with the help of others.

Are You Ready for the Mastermind Hot Seat?

Our community of local business professionals are ready to help you achieve your business goals, offering you professional advice and perspectives from a group of business leaders that have been or are in the same position you are. Put yourself in the “hot seat,” gain access to the wisdom you need and learn from the experience your knowledgeable peers bring. Make your voice heard, present your topic or issue before strapping into the hot seat for the best results.

Provide Pivotal Hot Seat Prep

Provide detailed information and context clues on your situation. What do you want to achieve by confronting this obstacle, and why is it important? What have you tried, and what is or isn’t working? What’s holding you back? With this information and your 20 minutes in the spotlight, members can gather valuable insights, ensuring actionable advice for moving forward.

Buckle Up!

Before strapping into the hot seat, it is important that you trust the members of your mastermind group and are willing to divulge deep personal insights, fears, and frustrations that you have likely never shared with others. You must be genuinely committed to solving a problem or opening the door to new opportunities – and ready to handle a little tough love. It’s never easy to hear YOU may be the one holding up your success – but it’s worth it when it helps you achieve your goals!

Let Down Your Guard

Your mastermind group is a safe, nonjudgmental space. Your peers will have your best interests at heart and want to support you in making positive changes so you can overcome your greatest obstacles. Resisting the temptation to defend yourself, being open and willing to listen to what you need to hear (not what you want to hear) will allow you to gain new insights into the situation. With a fresh, clear perspective, you can create space for improvement.

Take Action

Take notes on member recommendations so that you can reflect on these suggestions later. This may include a reaffirmation of your ideas, information you’ve heard before, or sobering new insights that you’ll need to process for a while. Thank the group for their suggestions and decide how you will take action with the information and tools provided by your peers. If you need accountability – let your group know, and they will help you stay on course.

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