Miles’s Peer Mentoring Journey – Mastermind Testimonial

My name is Miles Reynolds, I own Sport Court Las Vegas, a sports flooring company that specializes in bringing championship level sports experiences to Southern Nevada communities – and this is my peer mentoring journey.

Why I Joined a Mastermind Group

I initially read a book titled Outrageous Marketing and it spoke about joining a local mastermind group to help grow my business, so I joined one. I wanted to be around like-minded individuals who wanted to be a part of a community to help each other grow. I know I am who I spend my time with, so I wanted to be around businesses that were playing at a higher level than I was.

Now, being a part of a mastermind group for several months, I’ve realized how much of a game changer it really is. As a business owner, the only person you can’t see is yourself. To have a group around you that will help you see not only your blind spots, but break any barriers of ideas you thought were limited in – is powerful.

The support I’ve received while holding myself accountable has also been huge, too. I love that in my mastermind group, we work on more than just business because everything in life is all interconnected. I always thought mastermind groups were for business related problems only, but it has really helped me with my relationships, health & more.

Masterminding During a Pandemic

Joining a mastermind group during the COVID-19 pandemic is easily the best thing I could have done. With an ever-changing economy and external factors – it’s all the more reason why I wanted more people around me. One of my best years since being in business for 15 years was during the pandemic, and I attribute a lot of that to joining a mastermind group. I realized I needed people around me to remind me of my greatness and to call me out when I need it. We all support each other.

When I initially joined a mastermind group, I was flat broke and realized that what I was doing wasn’t working. I was not in a position financially to not do it, which is exactly why I needed to do it. I needed help. I am also a huge sports fan and believe it’s no different than having a coach. The greatest sports figures of all time such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and others, have ALL had coaches! You’re either growing, holding yourself back or stopping your business growth all together. I chose to grow.

The Biggest Lessons I’ve Learned from Being in a Mastermind

One of the biggest ah-ha moments I’ve had while being a part of a mastermind group is how much more I can do with a team of “All Stars” around me. I need to do what I’m best at and realize areas that I may be weak in. I used to look at other business owners who did more revenue than me (playing the comparison game) possessed something I didn’t. I realize now that it is 100% in mindset, confidence and belief. I already possess everything within me I need to succeed, it’s just a matter of getting it out of my own head through the clarity my mastermind group provides me.

I also love having 1:1 coaching sessions because it’s targeted to what my own challenges are. Plus, the diversity of the group from different industries and business sizes really helps me because everyone in the group is able to bring something different to the table. It helps me see the world from a new perspective, rather than always from my own safe & comfortable group of friends or reference groups. I highly recommend a mastermind group for any individual that wants more in life and is committed to making big changes in their business and personal life.

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