Be Well TV Interview: Being the Mastermind Behind a Business

Catalyst Mastermind Collaborative Founder and Community Leader, Sonia Petkewich, sat down with Be Well TV’s ‘Women Have Needs Too’ host Linda Bruns to discuss what it takes to be the mastermind behind a business, and the benefits of joining a peer-to-peer advisory group in Las Vegas.

The Mastermind Behind a Business

“I know I would not have been able to be where I’m at today if I hadn’t enrolled in a mastermind group. I didn’t even really know what it was at the time. I just knew I needed support and help in owning a business.” Sonia Petkewich, owner & CEO of Taurean Consulting Group, recently celebrated her 5 year anniversary in providing staffing & project solutions to companies across the Las Vegas valley. “I was on this long journey and then the (COVID-19) pandemic happened and I saw an opportunity to be of service.”

Sonia Petkewich launched Catalyst Mastermind Collaborative during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 to provide small business owners in Las Vegas a fresh, affordable & professional network to achieve new levels of success in their professional and personal lives. “I had an opportunity to step up and just to say, ‘Hey, we’re here for you and we can get through this together.’ And that’s what Catalyst is for.”

With over 20 years in the staffing industry, Sonia knew how to be a recruiter and how to run recruiting operations, but not necessarily how to run a recruiting business. “I didn’t understand financials or marketing or how to pick the right companies to partner with. I needed to find a group of people that would coach me through that. And while I love my husband, he’s incredibly smart. (He definitely has a financial mind.) I didn’t want to bring that home all the time. I wanted some outside perspective. And for me, it was a journey of how do I actually become a confident, savvy business owner and be in a room with other business owners who were light years ahead of me.”

Benefits of a Peer-to-Peer Advisory Group

Mastermind groups are used by business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs & leaders worldwide to solve challenges they face using the collective intelligence of the group through peer-to-peer advisory. “Through the discovery and five years of owning a business, what I have found is having a room full of like-minded business owners, people who are still on the journey is so valuable to a business owner such as myself. It’s basically like having a board of directors for your own business.”

One of the most important elements to finding a peer-to-peer advisory group is finding a mastermind group that best fits your needs. Members in a mastermind group consist of business professionals from a diverse portfolio of industries, sizes and levels of business growth. “I often get the question of what kind of business owner should join a mastermind group. What will they find? What will they get out of it? If you’re trying to take part of your business (even just yourself personally) to the next level, you may want to know more about marketing, finance or leadership, how to grow a team, how to contract a team or how to build a company culture. If you’re looking at any of those pieces for your business, and you’re wanting to see how other people have done it or are doing it – a mastermind group is the place to be.”

“I put this type of work (of being in a mastermind group) very similar to being in a gym. We go to the gym to grow our muscles, to exercise our body so that it can be in the best shape that it can be. Being in a mastermind or peer-to-peer group is helping you focus on your heart, your mind, how you’re wanting to show up as a leader and more. And that deserves an equal amount of work as if you were going to the gym every day. I’ve likened it to the same thing: we have to practice making ourselves better every day.”

Masterminding Yourself (& Business) to Success

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