Catalyst made me a better human, businesswoman, leader, wife and mother. I would not trade it for anything. I want to help others make the same connections, bringing out their best, as my mastermind peers have done for me. As entrepreneurs, we are often so busy wearing all the hats, we seldom make time to connect with other leaders, and it’s these connections that bring new opportunities.

Heather R.
Executive Producer,
Champagne Creative Group

The diversity of the group from different industries and business sizes really helps me because everyone in the group is able to bring something different to the table. It helps me see the world from a new perspective, rather than always from my own safe & comfortable group of friends or reference groups. I highly recommend a mastermind group for any individual that wants more in life and is committed to making big changes in their business and personal life.

Miles R.
Owner, Sport Court Las Vegas

Catalyst is an amazing group of supportive business owners. It has helped me and my business navigate through the pandemic and has helped me not only survive it but also begin to thrive. Catalyst gives you a sense of direction with accountability and amazing input from different areas of knowledge from the group. I am so excited to be able to participate and grow with this group and I encourage anyone that has a business to join!

Victoria M.
Owner, Sunset Montessori Community

Catalyst has had a huge impact on my personal and business growth. It’s amazing to have a camaraderie of other business owners to bounce ideas off one another. We’re all pretty vulnerable and we can be our true self, so we can grow personal-wise and as leaders. If you want to be an amazing leader, you need accountability in your life, and with a mastermind group, you get that on so many levels. 

Jenny O.
Owner, Huntington Jewelers

The group members have been very generous with their suggestions for my business. The camaraderie of the group is truly helpful to me as a small business owner. There are issues you can discuss and work through with other business owners unlike the experience of discussing blocks, challenges and opportunities with family and friends. My participation in Catalyst has made me a better leader.

Ruth F.

Catalyst Mastermind Collaborative has been INSTRUMENTAL not only in business, but also in my everyday life! The leadership is comprised of a perfect mix of compassion + accountability and I look forward to our sessions every single month! It can be super lonely as an entrepreneur, but having a group of people who understand you, who have been where you are, and who can help you see your way through is one of the most important things you can give yourself.

Joy H.
Social Entrepreneurship, esōes cosmetics

Since beginning my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve often felt alone. I was searching for other people who not only understood me but who would raise the bar for me. Catalyst was exactly that! I love being in that room with such a diverse group of humans who are all willing to be real and vulnerable when sharing their challenges and who are open and honest when sharing their feedback and input. Catalyst is a place where I feel inspired, expanded and where I can grow through the shared experiences and knowledge of others who have been where I am today.

Andrea H.
Owner & Holistic Lifestyle Coach, SIL Coaching & Community

A safe space with the right group of people with whom you can share your day-to-day experiences. A family of business principals who can brainstorm a problem and come up with a wide range of possible solutions, allowing for approaches that go beyond the perceived constraints of our everyday roles. This collaborative offers the enormous personal value in walking away from each session with the knowledge that you may have just helped someone with their needs, while being moved forward in your own capacity.

Spencer F.
General Manager, DruvStar

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