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Surround yourself with top business professionals striving to achieve new levels of professional & personal development at Catalyst Mastermind Collaborative! Locally founded and operated in Las Vegas since 2020, Catalyst Mastermind Collaborative is a premier mastermind group for small business owners to grow, become better leaders, make better decisions, network and achieve the results & success they want to see.

Now stronger, bigger and more affordable than ever, learn why Catalyst Mastermind Collaborative is the secret to many of Las Vegas business leaders’ personal & professional growth & success!

Train with the best

grow with the best


Discover a reliable and exclusive network of business leaders and growth-focused individuals in Las Vegas. Benefit from coaching and peer-to-peer advisory to stay accountable and foster professional and personal growth. Our community is dedicated to supporting you in thriving in all aspects of your life, with a focus on business growth and networking.

Join us for a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and succeed together.


Ignite your entrepreneurial small business vision within an Incubator Mastermind Community. Uncover the key principles of launching, scaling, and establishing a prosperous small business with the guidance of influential business leaders and dedicated accountability coaches. Elevate your side hustle by tapping into the expertise of business accelerators, mentorship, and a supportive business coach.

Join our Incubator for a holistic approach to growing your small business and achieving lasting success.


Experience an elite mastermind crafted exclusively for accomplished female CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders committed to advancing both professionally and personally while excelling in every facet of their lives. Unlock growth opportunities tailored for women entrepreneurs and embrace the power of female leadership in our transformative mastermind community.

Join us on a journey of personal and professional development, designed to empower and propel you towards success.


Don’t just take our word for it



The Catalyst founder and facilitators are true heart centered servant -leaders focused on constantly developing themselves to be at the top of personal and professional growth for themselves and the groups they lead rather than egocentric Coach-gurus

All Catalyst members sign a strict non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement. Any violation results in forfeiture of their membership.

Curate trusted longstanding priceless deep relationships with individuals who will serve as your Accountability Partners and Trusted Board of Advisors. They will celebrate life with you, though hold your feet to the fire in a carefrontational manner!

Monthly 1:1 coaching, yearly strategic planning session if desired, and Kolbe assessment and Kolbe coaching session.

Be a part of a vetted group of successful entrepreneurs committed to self-awareness, growth, vulnerability, sharing of genius and experience coming together to better ourselves, each other and our world.

A Calendar full of high caliber national speakers covering a wide range of business topics and personal development areas for growth. High value book clubs, group events, retreats and experiences are curated to help you successfully scale your business while creating freedom & true personal fullfillment.

Dedicated once a month Mastermind sessions giving you the distraction-free time you need to WORK ON your business, instead of IN your business. Expertly facilitated , giving you the undistracted time to solve your biggest problem or discover your innovative idea or leadership breakthrough with the collective insights, wisdom and feedback of your personal board of directors of your peer members.



Build your legacy at the top, with confidence! 

Catalyst Mastermind Collaborative is changing the way small business owners in today’s society grow. Attend your first mastermind class for free to experience if our group is the right fit for you.



Making your vision a reality can be a frustrating and lonely experience.

Catalyst Incubator will help you grow your business. Say goodbye to the 9-5, scale what you have already built, take back your schedule, and make money doing work you love.



A community exclusively crafted for women to help you succeed as a female leader.

Catalyst Opulence empowers you to thrive as a female leader, providing a supportive community to help you navigate the challenges of the corporate world.

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Catalyst Mastermind Collaborative is a premier mastermind group for small business owner peer-to-peer mentorship in Las Vegas, Nevada. Attend your first mastermind class for free to experience if our group is the right fit for you!


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