You never know who’ll appear in your life, altering its course and taking you in a new direction with new possibilities. I was at a UFO conference in Phoenix when I first learned about business mastermind groups for entrepreneurs. My name is Heather Remillard. I own Champagne Creative Group, an experiential special event marketing, décor and character design firm in Las Vegas, and this is my mastermind journey.

My Introduction to Mastermind Groups

At a busy restaurant during lunch at a UFO conference, a fellow attendee asked if he could join my table. We gradually began discussing business ownership struggles and how difficult it was feeling alone at the top. As part of the Las Vegas entertainment and marketing industry, my peer group consisted of vendors, employees and clients. It was difficult to share the struggles and joys of being a business owner with these fabulous entertainers – I felt I always had to be “ON”, never letting them see behind the curtain.

I wanted to meet other business owners to form new friendships and celebrate with. People I could share my struggles with and learn from. My fateful dining companion suggested looking into a mastermind group, mentioning there were chapters nationwide. When I returned to Las Vegas, I joined a mastermind group near me, beginning the 5-year journey that helped me evolve into a better human being and more successful entrepreneur.

Growing My Business with Help from Las Vegas Masterminds

My mastermind peers quickly filled the void in my life. I now have business and community leaders I can call upon for support. This support system has impacted my business in many ways. With the keen insight of my co-members, I’ve been able to:

  • Create a vibrant company culture
  • Devise standard operating procedures that help my employees succeed
  • Design custom HR documents that reflect the personality of my company
  • Improve my understanding of financial tools at my business’ disposal
  • Better negotiate contracts, achieving a win-win for all parties
  • Learn to delegate for success
  • Find new opportunities in a year of COVID business closures, prevailing over fear, doubt, and uncertainty
  • And so much more

My mastermind group‘s diversity pushed me to grow and develop in new ways that I did not expect. I’ve learned more from people in different industries than I have from people in enterprises like mine. It turns out we are all working on the same fundamental challenges, only the “stuff” we sell is different. Insight comes from so many perspectives, often from those you would normally overlook. Many of the people I’ve learned from over the years have defied what I thought a “leader” would look like, surprising and delighting me with their input.

Personal Growth Facilitated by My Mastermind Peers

My fellow mastermind members provide a sounding board for not only my business life but my personal life as well. They’ve helped me uncover what matters most so that I can now manage life’s daily challenges with ease and grace. It’s incredible how much you gain when you’re understood and valued by another human being. The support my Catalyst peers have given me has been the wind beneath my wings during tough times.

I especially enjoy one-on-one coaching. In this space, you feel free to talk about challenges you may not have the courage to bring up in a group setting. This is where a different level of growth occurs, a much deeper, more personal growth. Under the mentorship of an empowering coach, I’ve been able to blossom into my best self. This monthly recharging allows me to tackle my challenges, celebrate my progress, and create possibilities that further my personal and professional success.

I’ve experienced many “aha” moments in my mastermind meetings, as I’ve come to a better understanding of what my personal and business motivations are. Catalyst made me a better human, businesswoman, leader, wife and mother. I would not trade it for anything. I want to help others make the same connections, bringing out their best, as my mastermind peers have done for me. As entrepreneurs, we are often so busy wearing all the hats, we seldom make time to connect with other leaders, and it’s these connections that bring new opportunities.

Are You Ready to Begin Your Mastermind Journey Toward a More Successful Future?

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Las Vegas Mastermind Member - Heather Remillard