MyVegas Magazine: Are You a Mastermind?

The phrase “no man is an island” runs true with life and in the business world. Catalyst Mastermind Collaborative, a premier mastermind group in Las Vegas, is here to change how small business owners grow in their personal and professional lives.

Mastermind Group for Small Business Owners

Surrounding yourself with wise and like-minded individuals is a great asset, particularly for business owners. Likewise, in a city filled with a unique variety of industries and quick growing small businesses, Las Vegas stands out as one of the greatest cities to Mastermind in. If you’ve been searching for a Mastermind group, consider joining Catalyst Collaborative, a rapidly growing, diverse group of business owners and directors, here to help you achieve your goals.

Mastermind Group is simply a board of directors in whom you can share the biggest opportunities that are facing you, whether they be personal, or business related. Having people to talk to, lean on, bounce ideas off of, get direct and honest feedback from is priceless when faced with some of the more challenging and daunting experiences of business ownership. Sonia Petkewich, one of the Community Leaders at Catalyst, says, “It is not all the doom and gloom though, having folks around to help you when success is at an all-time high, how to grow, how to leverage income, how to spend wisely, understand taxes and how to have them work in your advantage is extremely valuable.”

Benefits of a Peer-to-Peer Advisory Group

On the other side of success, there is the chance of economic downturn, like the 2008 recession and our current pandemic. Working with a mastermind group has helped some plan for just that, an economic downturn. Learning from those who have weathered downturns in the past, having folks to collaborate with and partner with in business during this time is a huge advantage as well.

The diverse background of the community leaders and coaches is what makes Catalyst a valuable asset for any business leader. The leaders go above and beyond for their members, truly pushing them to create lives worth living through program content, direct and honest feedback and consistent and intentional accountability to execute on what you say is most important to your business and personal lives. Having a diverse group of businesses and levels of experience is the key to having a powerful Mastermind group, and for the member, a more powerful you.

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