MyVegas Magazine: A Masterminder’s Guide to Self-Care for Your Business

Did you know that the same self-care techniques we all use for personal growth and family life can also apply to leading a business? The following information details how joining a business mastermind group in Las Vegas can help you lead your business and personal life to new heights.

Self-Care for Business Owners & Leaders

Some of the most lasting ripple effects of this pandemic are likely to be in mental health. The most powerful driver of mental illness right now is the feeling of being disconnected. Many organizations have worked over the years to build a healthy workplace culture focused and driven by connection to meaningful work, co-workers, and colleagues. As the leader of an organization, it is important that we are not only taking care of our own mental health, though leading by example across our organizations.

The pandemic impacted business in a variety of ways, and now business leaders are challenged with learning how to keep their business flourishing while prioritizing mental health, for themselves and their teams. Many people took time in quarantine to establish new self-care techniques. Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about applying those same personal techniques to your business.

The Power of Mastermind Groups

Catalyst Mastermind Collaborative (CMC) is a great place to learn and develop practices, proving to be successful from other leaders just like you. Mastermind groups by their very nature are the coming together of like-minded individuals. Especially for entrepreneurs and professionals in smaller organizations, isolation is a fact of daily life and CMC helps us overcome much of this lonely feeling. The nature and setup of CMC is such that members bring the opportunities and issues they are facing to the group. These are addressed by all attendees in a structured, honest, and sometimes vulnerable interaction. The intimacy of the group makes it possible for members to open up, something that is often not easy to get in everyday life, and especially in businesses where different agendas and insecurities lead to very guarded feedback.

The feedback you will receive in CMC will transcend the business opportunities and issues that get discussed and extend to the owners themselves.

With the stigmas surrounding mental health, members of CMC will attest that the monthly meeting provides a liberating environment to focus on themselves and gain impartial input. There’s no shame in seeking guidance from someone who has a different playbook of experiences and perspective than you. They might surprise you with how much they know and how much you may have in common.

The diversity of experience and expertise, combined with honest conversations, inevitably leads to learning new things, both for the person processing the issue and the rest of the group as well.

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