Many small business owners begin their businesses based on practical strengths, like a product or service, and marketing and sales knowledge. What they often lack, though, are the people management or leadership skills needed to develop a productive workforce that helps them grow and succeed.

Top leadership skills every small business owner should possess or strive towards are:

  1. The ability to inspire others.
  2. Understanding their and their team’s strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Knowing how to execute business strategies successfully.
  4. Transparent communication.
  5. Asking for advice.

Of all these skills, being open and receptive to input and advice, particularly from mentors and peers, is one of the best ways to hone your own business and personal capabilities.

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring in Mastermind Groups

A good mastermind group offers a combination of education, brainstorming, peer support and accountability. When you join a mastermind group, you get to immediately tap into the wisdom and knowledge of a diverse group of like-minded entrepreneurs. Other members are eager to help you set critical goals and, more importantly, accomplish them.

Building Trust

When people trust you, they’re inspired to help you achieve your goals. By building a cohesive team that works together and has faith in your company’s vision, you create a culture where innovation and productivity thrive.

Self-Development For All

It often gets put on the back burner, but self-development is critical for business owners and their teams. Personal growth that leads to greater business success is only possible when people are aware of how they’re learning, adapting and evolving. Self-awareness and constructive self-criticism are powerful tools for helping you be your best.

Strategic Thinking

Execution is the result of thousands of daily decisions made by employees. A strategic approach to leadership can often be more effective than other approaches. For instance, it allows you to set short-term goals for employees that help you reach your long-term goals. It also encourages unity and collaboration from your team members, which improves performance and your bottom line.


As no two people communicate the same way, learning to be a good communicator is an ongoing process. Good communicators can adapt their style to whoever they’re speaking with, be it other business leaders, investors, clients or employees. And they must learn how to take their cues from the other person. Interacting with other mastermind group members is a fantastic way to learn how to communicate effectively and encourage open communication from those you interact with.

More Than a Support Group: Enhance Your Personal & Business Leadership Skills

Ongoing mentoring and guidance prevent your momentum and enthusiasm from getting stuck. Traditional support groups are made up of empathetic fellow business owners with whom you can vent and discuss your various challenges. A mastermind group on the other hand, focuses on sharing skills and advice and keeping you accountable to yourself and your choices. By surrounding yourself with people who share your entrepreneurial values and goals, you can create the ideal environment for your business to prosper.

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