5 Business Principles that will Take Your Business to the Top

In their recently released bookPinnacle: Five Principles that Take Your Business to the Top of the Mountain, authors Steve Preda and Gregory Cleary set out what they believe business owners must focus on as entrepreneurial leaders:

People + Purpose + Playbooks + Perform = Profit
Preda and Cleary say that committing yourself to these five business principles can help you grow faster and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

When you scale your business, you get to see and experience these business principles put into action. And you learn how to use them, so you have the business and success you’ve always dreamed of.

The Five Business Principles

The Pinnacle philosophy draws on long-established business tenets, but it puts an innovative spin on the process by setting out 15 practices that help you create a highly personal operating system for your unique company.

  1. People. The people you take the journey with are more important than the destination. Choose your team wisely.
  2. Purpose. Get a firm handle on your vision and goals so you can set yourself apart from the crowd and emphasize what makes you unique.
  3. Playbook. Develop a strategy from getting where you are now to where you want to be and create a plan to make it happen.
  4. Performance. Every strategy needs action to succeed. Constantly strive for improvement, even if it’s slow going at the start.
  5. Profit. Be realistic about the time and effort you must invest before seeing results. They won’t happen overnight, but you’ll be ready to reap the rewards when they do.

Transform Your Business With a Pinnacle Business Guide or a Mastermind Group

A mastermind group draws on the wisdom, influence, and experience of group members dedicated to helping one another stand up and stand out. When you join a mastermind, you become part of an exclusive community where people learn from and inspire one another.

You might think of your fellow mastermind members as your personal board of supportive directors who you can bounce ideas off and receive perspective and concrete ideas from. In other words, a mastermind group helps you put into practice the five business principles discussed above. And you can always count on your peers there to remind you of the crucial sixth “P,” patience!

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Put Your Business Principles Into Action

Every business owner has something to gain from becoming part of a supportive community where people share actionable ideas, give feedback, and encourage one another. When you join a mastermind group or partner with a Pinnacle Business Guide, you get the guidance you need to overcome obstacles, execute your business principles, and expand your network.

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