Entrepreneurs who understand their financial narratives are better equipped to develop strategies that improve their overall success. A cash flow story helps you see the impact certain key driver changes can have on your business. For instance, adjusting price and volume can affect not only your profits but your company’s value.


The Catalyst Mastermind Collaborative is launching a Cash Flow Story designed to help entrepreneurs recession-proof their lives and businesses by understanding how to successfully navigate critical financial conversations.

What is the Catalyst Cash Flow Story Program?

Cash flow is the movement of money in all your business’s accounts over a given time period. Changes in cash flow from one period to the next tell your company’s “cash flow story.”

If you’re like most business owners, you find yourself:

  • More and more disconnected from your original vision and purpose.
  • At odds with business and personal partners over money issues.
  • Struggling to create the business and life of your dreams.
  • Becoming more reactive than proactive.
  • Wanting to free yourself of money-related stresses.

By improving your business’s profit, cash flow, and value, you can improve its performance and gain valuable insights into maintaining steady growth.

How the Program Works

Money problems create havoc in the personal and business lives of entrepreneurs and their teams. Our Cash Flow Story Program helps you connect financial decisions by giving you the tools you need to make a difference at work and at home.

The program takes place within a mastermind group setting with other like-minded professionals and trained coaches supporting you in achieving crucial financial breakthroughs that benefit your personal and business lives.

The program is broken down into four series:

  1. Money Mindset and Personal Financial Mastery
  2. Business Finance Fundamentals
  3. Writing Your Cash Flow Story Part 1 – The Power of One
  4. Writing Your Cash Flow Story Part 2 – Creating Your Legacy

Whether you’re not as confident about money as you want to be or are looking for well-rounded conversations about money matters in your personal life and business, the Cash Flow Story is the perfect solution for financially leveling up.

Is The Cash Flow Story Program Right for You?

Catalyst Mastermind Collaborative is committed to helping you take hold of your financial life’s reins and be the hero of your company’s cash flow story. Curious about whether this program is right for you? This 5-10 minute quiz can help you decide if the program is a good fit.

The Cash Flow Story series begins on March 30 and meets again in June, August, and December, and discounts are available for multiple people from the same company, and upfront sign-ups for the entire series. If you’re ready to invest in this innovative program, we’ve made it simple for you to register online.

To learn more about Catalyst’s Cash Flow Story Program for local entrepreneurs, contact us online or call 702-682-1899.