People, purpose, playbooks, performance, and profit. Business owners who commit themselves to these five pillars can grow their brands faster and achieve the success they envisioned when starting out.

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The Pinnacle business approach is practiced by some of the world’s most innovative business owners. Dedicated to helping business owners scale by changing their mindset and investing in new strategies and management practices, the proven method shows people how to make the connection between elevating their personal growth and achieving successful financial and business outcomes.

The Five Business Principles

Do you need help with flatlining revenue and business growth? Are you drained by long work hours and a less energized team? The Pinnacle business guides are founded on the idea that if you follow five long-established business principles (pillars) broken down into 15 practices, you’ll take your business to higher levels.

Pillar #1: People

The people you include on your journey can make or break your business. So, choosing the right people for the right positions is essential to success.

Ask yourself:

  • Do team members understand what’s expected of them?
  • Are they contributing in a way that fits your overall vision and mission?
  • Is there someone who’s harming morale and success?

A Pinnacle business guide can help you master the principle of people, culture, coaching, and vision, giving you the clarity you need to make critical fact-based decisions.

Pillar #2: Purpose

As Rebecca Henderson of the Harvard Business School so perfectly puts it, “The sense of being part of something greater than yourself can lead to high levels of engagement, creativity, and willingness to partner across functional and product boundaries within a company.”

The more you clarify your vision and goals, the sooner you can set yourself apart from your competitors. Reprioritize defining why you started the business and then share the reason with your team members so everyone’s on board with where the company is headed.

Pillar #3: Playbook

Leaders need a team that’s executed to their brand. You can make sure this happens by creating playbooks defining clear-cut business strategies. Unlike traditional employee handbooks, playbooks ensure consistent performance, with everyone working toward identical goals and purposes.

Pillar #4: Performance

Have you heard the saying, “If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed?”  Performance indicators give you direct feedback on your people, playbook, and work results. And when you can see performance clearly, you’re better equipped to assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Performance metrics also help facilitate coaching and mentoring on everything from core values and expectations to identifying motivations and rewards.

Pillar #5: Profit

Making a profit is why people get into business. However, financial rewards rarely happen overnight. Not understanding how your business generates profits can hinder making good strategic business decisions. A Pinnacle guide explains which tools are ideal for your business to increase revenue and shows you how to fold your profit goals into your overall vision.

Take Your Business to the Pinnacle of Success

With the right people, a clearly defined purpose, a detailed playbook, and consistent performance, profits are nearly inevitable. But handling the first four on your own to get to the fifth can be challenging. Engaging a business guide or coach helps remove barriers and achieve the clarity you need to reach greater success.

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