Today there are more than 580 million global entrepreneurs, each one seeking to achieve financial success and the freedom to work on their passion. To reach their goals, many of these business owners have turned to entrepreneurial organizations to help grow their businesses, broaden their networking opportunities, and expand their worldviews.

Could joining such an organization help you reach new business heights?

Yes, and here’s how!

Benefits of Joining Entrepreneurial Organizations

Entrepreneurs are skilled at harnessing their passion, skills, and knowledge to drive their businesses forward. But there are good reasons small business owners should not go on their entrepreneurship journey alone.

Of the nearly 33 million small businesses in the US, 81% have no employees. While solo entrepreneurship offers many opportunities and benefits, it can be an isolating experience. It’s the rare business owner who doesn’t need one or two trusted colleagues as sounding boards and brainstorming partners.

Even if you have a small staff, trying to do everything on your own sends a message to your employees that they, too, must make their own way. Is that the culture you want to establish for your company? Or do you want to foster a sense of community where learning and growing are priorities?

When you join an entrepreneurial organization like a mastermind group, the benefits come back to you in abundance.

  1. It only requires a single day per month away from your business, but a mastermind meeting offers so much in return. Removed from meetings and emails, you learn new leadership skills, unlock your self-imposed limitations, and gain a safe space to discuss challenges and problems confidentially.
  2. Together with continuous peer connection, you get to network with small business owners and leaders who have valuable wisdom on everything from business processes to managing staff and time management. Instead of working away in your own little bubble, you can most likely find someone who has already walked the walk and is happy to share their experience with you.
  3. Entrepreneurs are, by nature, business and growth-focused. But entrepreneurial organizations help remind you to put some of that focus on yourself. For instance, networking events and group meetings are great opportunities for getting to know other business owners who could be potential business partners. Or they might be your path to making connections with other owners. Either way, you come full circle because the contacts you make and the relationships you build help you grow your business.

Finding the Right Entrepreneurial Organization

Not all entrepreneurial organizations are alike. When looking for one to join, you want to find a group where you feel comfortable enough to share and provide feedback while getting out of it what you need to grow and succeed.

Good mastermind groups have members who are invested in your success as well as their own. In fact, it’s what sets them apart from other business membership groups that are often about trading business cards and drumming up referrals. Before deciding which group to join, it’s always a good idea to attend one or two meetings to see if it “clicks” for you. Does the group’s communication style match your own? Does it offer the mindset you’re looking for to shift your business?

To learn more about entrepreneurial organizations and how they can help you achieve your business dreams, contact Catalyst Mastermind Collaborative online today.