Are you ready to go from uncertain to unstoppable?

Are you teetering between a 9-5 and jumping all in on your entrepreneurial life?

Have you launched a small business and now want to learn how to scale? Join the Catalyst Incubator Group to create and grow your profitable business, so that you can say goodbye to the 9-5 forever, scale what you have already built, take back your schedule, and make money doing work you love. 

Making your vision a reality can be a frustrating and lonely experience.

  • Creating Revenue – and not confident that you’re making the most strategic decisions with your money
  • You are wearing so many hats and you want to learn how to successfully balance them all
  • With so much to do you feel like you’re spinning on the hamster wheel
  • How many months have slipped by and you haven’t made the progress you know you could?
  • Things take too long… there’s so much to do and so little time.
  • Results don’t come quickly enough! If at all.
  • You feel like you’re on an island. No one around you understands, making the frustration of it all even worse!
  • If that voice inside is driving you to ask these questions then you’re in the right place.

And if you’re tired of figuring it all out by yourself, this group is for you! This opportunity is for those who have been thinking about starting a business for a while, have one started though are not 100% in, you haven’t pulled the trigger for one reason or another.

Doubts and fears welcome!

It’s also for those who have gotten some of the legwork started, but something has stalled, or you aren’t getting the results you wanted

Our Incubator Group will meet monthly, you will have monthly 1:1’s with your Guide and there will be work to do between sessions to get the most out of your experience.


Sales and Marketing

  • Gain clarity on your offering(s), why it’s different than the competition, and why you want to do it so that you have a clear, compelling vision that compels others to hire you
  • How to choose pricing structures, identify your target market, and how to market directly to them clearly and painlessly via a proven system so that you get business consistently
  • Branding, vision, and mission for your new company so that you know who you are and everyone else does too. What is the feel of your company and how does that translate to its appearance? How do you want your clients to feel so that they buy?
  • How to create your new website or edit your existing one with a fine-tooth comb; making sure that your future clients are directed where you want them to go with clear calls to action and consistent feel across the site, eliminating unnecessary pages.

Breaking through mindset barriers and limiting beliefs

  • Discovering and busting through any blocks or fears you may have around making a change, showing up, or being seen so that you can move forward with ease using proven techniques and tools that work on both conscious and subconscious levels

Finances and Legal

  • How to be intimately connected with your business and personal finances
  • How to read and interpret Business Financial Reports
  • How to pay yourself as a business owner
  • Taxes and business structure
  • The legal aspects of running a business so that you are confident and ready to do business. This might mean registering your business as an LLC, S-Corp, Sole Proprietor, etc. If this is already done we’ll focus on financial planning for your business and set target goals with steps to achieve them.

Time Management and Personnel Management

  • How to create a plan to use your time each day so that the transition from employee to business owner is smooth and productive.
  • Strategic planning for your launch or relaunch if your business is already existing
  • Accountability partners and strategic partners, how to create a circle of influence