The challenges of starting and running a business can take a heavy toll on an entrepreneur. But what if there were a way to work through these challenges, reaching your business goals in less time and with fewer stressors? A Pinnacle Business Guide helps you drill down on what truly matters to unite your team and grow your business: people, purpose, playbooks, performance, and profit.

Reaching the Summit of Success

If you’ve already joined the Catalyst Mastermind Collaborative, you know how instrumental it can be in helping you improve your leadership skills, make better decisions, and grow your business. Having a group of fellow entrepreneurs support your business goals, help you stay on target, and cheer your successes is invaluable to achieving success.

A Pinnacle Business Guide takes the mastermind concept one step further, using individual, intensive coaching separate from Catalyst. Whereas Catalyst concentrates on a group approach to issues like profitability, staff conflicts, and helping you become a leader personally and professionally, Pinnacle narrows the focus, delivering precisely what your company needs to grow.

The 5 Pinnacle Principles

If you feel like you’ve hit the ceiling on your growth initiatives, a Pinnacle Business Guide, like Sonia Petkewich, can provide direction on getting unstuck and reaching higher levels of success. Your guide leads you on a path that follows the five Pinnacle principles.

1. Surrounding yourself with the right people.

Many entrepreneurs hire people they think are right for certain roles but then discover gaps in their ability to help them scale or grow. A Pinnacle guide will work with you to learn how to identify and choose people who will help move your company forward faster or more strategically.

2. Figuring out your purpose.

What makes you different? Have your team, customers, and vendors bought into it? If you’re struggling to tell your story and share your message, a Pinnacle guide can help you get a firm handle on your vision and goals.

3. Developing a playbook that reflects your plan for everything you do to keep operations running smoothly.

Yes, running a business is demanding, but if you aren’t thoughtful or strategic about how you’re going to grow it, you’ll find yourself running in place. Setting quarterly goals that you delegate across the business lets you more easily define expectations and helps your people know why they’re doing what they do.

4. Ultimately, your performance determines whether you succeed.

A Pinnacle guide helps you stay on track and shows you how sharing incremental progress with your entire team can elevate organizational performance, from the warehouse to the C-suite.

5. The greatest companies deliver both purpose and profit.

Pinnacle guides help business owners align their people, purpose, performance, and playbook to hit profit goals.

Achieve Your Business Goals with Sonia Petkewich, Your Nevada Pinnacle Business Guide

If achieving your business goals isn’t going as smoothly as you hoped it would, a Pinnacle business guide could be the solution you need. Connect with Nevada Business Guide, Sonia Petkewich, online or give Catalyst Mastermind Collaborative a call at 702-682-1899 to learn more.

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